Arisia 2016 Schedule, by Track

Arisia 2016 Schedule, by Area

Arisia 2016 Schedule, by Area

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Friday 4:00pm Assassination Classroom
Friday 5:30pm Anime/Manga: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
Saturday 12:30am Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
Saturday 5:45am Plastic Memories
Saturday 10:00am Super Robot Anime
Saturday 11:00am Attack on Titan
Saturday 11:30am Anime Cons: Behind the Scenes
Saturday 1:00pm Clamp: The Good, The Bad, and The Strange
Saturday 2:30pm The Anime “List”
Saturday 7:00pm Anime “Back in My Day”
Saturday 8:30pm Best Manga Series That Don’t Have an Anime
Saturday 9:00pm “Free!” and “Free! Eternal Summer”
Sunday 7:00am “Noragami” and “Noragami Aragoto”
Sunday 10:00am Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Sunday 11:30am Superheroes of Japan
Sunday 12:30pm 8th Man: Armored Man
Sunday 1:00pm Ultraman, Power Rangers & the World of Tokusatsu
Sunday 2:30pm What’s New in Anime
Sunday 4:00pm Lost in Translation
Sunday 5:30pm Horror Manga!
Sunday 6:00pm One Punch Man
Sunday 11:30pm Prison School
Monday 4:15am Redline
Monday 6:00am Kamisama Kiss
Monday 10:00am Anime 101: My Kid is Watching What?
Monday 10:45am Overlord
Monday 11:30am If You Like X, You May Like Y (Anime)


Friday 5:00pm Hellboy
Friday 7:15pm Snow White and the Huntsman
Friday 9:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Friday 11:15pm Unbreakable
Saturday 1:10am Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Saturday 2:45am Hogfather (part 1)
Saturday 4:25am Hogfather (part 2)
Saturday 6:10am Dr. Horrible – The Commentary!
Saturday 7:00am Classic cartoons
Saturday 9:00am Coraline
Saturday 10:45am Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Saturday 12:15pm Seven Samurai
Saturday 4:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play
Saturday 5:45pm Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Saturday 6:30pm Geeky Bellydance Show
Saturday 9:15pm Neverwhere (Part 1)
Saturday 10:00pm PMRP: “Journey to Babel”
Saturday 11:45pm Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Sunday 1:45am Neverwhere (Part 2)
Sunday 2:15am Neverwhere (Part 3)
Sunday 2:45am Neverwhere (Part 4)
Sunday 3:15am Neverwhere (Part 5)
Sunday 3:45am Neverwhere (Part 6)
Sunday 4:15am Cat-Women of the Moon
Sunday 5:19am Grimm’s Snow White
Sunday 7:00am Classic cartoons
Sunday 9:00am Star Wars: A New Hope
Sunday 11:10am The Iron Giant
Sunday 1:00pm Vivat Regina: Mrs. Hawking Part Two
Sunday 2:45pm Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Sunday 5:00pm Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Sunday 7:15pm Why Man Creates
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade
Monday 12:15am Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Monday 2:00am Masquerade rerun
Monday 6:15am The Way Things Go
Monday 7:00am Classic cartoons
Monday 9:00am A Day at the Races
Monday 10:50am Hidden Fortress

Art & Maker

Friday 5:30pm Arduino For Beginners
Friday 8:30pm Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Meet & Greet
Friday 10:00pm 3D Printing Advances and Flops
Friday 10:00pm Soldering 101
Friday 11:30pm Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave
Saturday 8:30am Make a Beaded Talisman Pouch
Saturday 10:00am Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave
Saturday 10:00am Art Show Docent Tour: How Framing Changes Art
Saturday 11:30am LED Workshop
Saturday 11:30am The Infamous Bad Book Covers Panel
Saturday 1:00pm Block Printing
Saturday 2:30pm How to Go Pro as a Maker
Saturday 2:30pm Circuit Bending
Saturday 2:30pm Tactile Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 4:00pm GoH Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 5:30pm Origami: The Art of Paperfolding
Saturday 5:30pm Handling Your Online Image As an Artist
Saturday 7:00pm Soldering 101 (Run #2)
Saturday 7:00pm Mobility Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 8:30pm Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave (run 2)
Saturday 10:00pm Kids Track Crafts for Adults
Saturday 11:30pm Figure Drawing: Cosplay Edition
Sunday 8:30am Chainmail For Breakfast
Sunday 10:00am Knitting 101/102/201
Sunday 10:00am Basic Leatherworking Workshop
Sunday 10:00am Makerspaces, Tech Incubators, and You
Sunday 11:30am Beyond Arduino: Bigger and Better Electronics
Sunday 11:30am Make Your Own Education
Sunday 11:30am Block Printing (run #2)
Sunday 11:30am Art Show Directors’ Docent Tour
Sunday 1:00pm Tiny Hats & Fascinators
Sunday 2:30pm Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen
Sunday 2:30pm Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave (run #2)
Sunday 4:00pm Art Show Auction Ends
Sunday 7:00pm Business Costs of Pro Making
Sunday 8:30pm Designing Things That Don’t Exist
Sunday 8:30pm Photographing Costumes and Conventions
Sunday 10:00pm Home Depot in the Bedroom
Monday 10:00am Wearable Electronics
Monday 1:00pm Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling
Monday 2:30pm Shipping Art to a Convention


Friday 7:00pm Fantastic Four: What the FF is Going On?
Friday 8:30pm Supergods: Superheroes as Modern Pantheon
Saturday 10:00am Doing It For Themselves: Comics From One Creator
Saturday 11:30am The Best Manga Ever!
Saturday 1:00pm Legacy or Curse: Representation That Matters
Saturday 2:30pm Wonder Woman: 75 Years of Fighting War With Love
Saturday 4:00pm Everybody vs. Everyone!
Saturday 5:30pm Comics in 2015: Highs, Lows and “Mehs”
Saturday 7:00pm Haus De Fraction: Milkfed Criminal Masterminds
Saturday 8:30pm Captain America at 75
Saturday 8:30pm Men In Comics
Saturday 10:00pm Multiversity: The Draw of “Elseworlds”
Sunday 10:00am DC Comics 1985 to 1995: A Decade of Epic Change
Sunday 11:30am The Boston Comics Round Table
Sunday 1:00pm Image Comics: What Can’t They Do?!
Sunday 2:30pm Comics Creator Meetup: Find A Collaborator!
Sunday 7:00pm Evolution of the Super Hero
Sunday 8:30pm The Silent Hand: Hollywood & The Big Two
Monday 11:30am Kickstart my Art! Kickstarter and Patreon


Friday 5:30pm The Autism Community
Friday 5:30pm Shabbat Services
Friday 7:00pm The Ephemeral City
Friday 8:30pm Diversity and Inclusion
Friday 10:00pm Introduction to BDSM
Friday 10:00pm Navigating Non-Monogamy
Friday 11:30pm Your Kink is OK!
Saturday 8:30am Saturday Morning Prayer
Saturday 1:00pm Transgender Fen
Saturday 2:30pm Coming Out
Saturday 4:00pm Polyamory in Theory and Practice
Saturday 5:30pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 5:30pm Flirt Like a Pro
Saturday 7:00pm Introduction to Asexuality
Saturday 8:30pm Teen Unconference
Saturday 10:00pm The Next Steps in BDSM
Saturday 11:30pm Fun With Rope
Sunday 8:30am Sunday Morning Prayer
Sunday 1:00pm Building a Polyamorous Home
Sunday 1:00pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 1:00pm Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities
Sunday 2:30pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 4:00pm Being a Sex-Positive Parent
Sunday 4:00pm Impostor Syndrome Workshop—Sunday
Sunday 5:30pm Genderqueer and Genderfluid Fen
Sunday 5:30pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 5:30pm Why Do We Cheat?
Sunday 7:00pm Polyamory: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan
Sunday 7:00pm Relationship Basics
Sunday 7:00pm Feminism: What It Is, What It’s Not
Sunday 8:30pm Teen Unconference
Sunday 10:00pm Let’s (Actually) Talk About Sex
Sunday 10:00pm Introduction to Power Exchange
Sunday 10:00pm Blurring The Lines: Paganism and Popular Culture
Monday 10:00am Polyamory in Science Fiction
Monday 11:30am Teen Unconference
Monday 11:30am Impostor Syndrome Workshop—Monday
Monday 11:30am Race and Identity Issues in SF
Monday 1:00pm Disability and Kink

Con Tech

Friday 6:00pm Learn/Assist With Shooting a Live TV Show


Saturday 11:30am Convention Feedback Saturday Session
Sunday 2:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting
Monday 2:30pm Convention Feedback Monday Session


Friday 5:30pm Costuming on a Budget
Friday 7:00pm Masquerade Basics
Friday 8:30pm It’s Good to be Bad
Saturday 10:00am Playing Well with Others—Costuming for Groups
Saturday 11:30am Clothing Modification
Saturday 1:00pm Historical Accuracy in Costuming
Saturday 2:30pm Hair Solutions for Costumers
Saturday 4:00pm Ladies and Gentlemen’s Regency Costuming
Saturday 5:30pm Machine Sewing Basics
Saturday 7:00pm Steampunked!
Saturday 8:30pm Practical Considerations for Costumers
Sunday 8:30am Miss Lizzy’s Traveling Historical Fashion Show
Sunday 10:00am Basic Stage Makeup
Sunday 10:00am Help! My Hobby has Gone Mainstream
Sunday 11:30am Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild Meet-up
Sunday 1:00pm Using, Making, and Modifying Sewing Patterns
Sunday 2:30pm Cross-Cultural Costuming
Monday 10:00am Understanding Eras of Historic Dress
Monday 11:30am Masquerade Show and Tell

Fan Interest

Friday 5:30pm For Pity’s Sake, Just Ask Your Question
Friday 8:30pm The Mainstreaming of Fandom
Friday 10:00pm Trains and SF/F
Friday 10:30pm Films from NaSFiC
Saturday 10:00am Atheist/Theist Dialog
Saturday 11:30am I Wouldn’t Run Unless Zombies Were Chasing Me...
Saturday 1:00pm Atheism and Morality
Saturday 4:00pm Panel in the Pool—What is the Future of Water?
Saturday 4:00pm The Appeal of Sherlock Holmes
Saturday 10:00pm Rockets & Lasers & Space Adventures!
Saturday 10:00pm The Lack of Trans* Relationships in Star Trek
Saturday 10:00pm The Shadow War of the Night Dragons
Saturday 11:30pm Mark Does Stuff: Late Night Smut Reading!
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia Lightning Talks
Sunday 4:00pm A Fannish Guide to Boston
Sunday 5:30pm iPhone vs. Android: No Holds Barred
Sunday 5:30pm Your Voice: Putting it Out There
Sunday 8:30pm WorldCon in Space! A Sasquan Documentary
Sunday 10:00pm Who’s on First (Contact): SF/F and Baseball
Monday 10:00am Feats of Memorization
Monday 11:30am Being the Hero Sucks!
Monday 1:00pm I Hate the Hero
Monday 2:30pm A Good Cry

Fast Track

Friday 5:30pm Open Play Time
Saturday 8:30am Kids’ Tour of the Art Show
Saturday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Saturday Morning
Saturday 10:00am Make Your Own Wings
Saturday 10:00am Open Discussion Group: Movies
Saturday 10:00am Alyssa Yeager Fast Track Concert
Saturday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 1
Saturday 1:00pm Kids Crafts with Maker Parents
Saturday 1:00pm Short Story Contest
Saturday 1:00pm Learn a Bit of Karate
Saturday 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming
Saturday 2:30pm An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering
Saturday 2:30pm Spoon-A-Pults
Saturday 2:30pm Magic Show
Saturday 4:00pm Fun with Legos
Saturday 4:00pm Duct Tape Roses
Saturday 4:00pm All About Poi
Saturday 4:00pm Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories
Sunday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Sunday Morning
Sunday 9:00am Harry Potter Wand Dueling Workshop
Sunday 10:00am Cartooning & Comic Creating
Sunday 10:00am Science Experiments
Sunday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 2
Sunday 10:00am Princesses & Princes Playdate
Sunday 10:00am Harry Potter Wand Dueling Workshop
Sunday 1:00pm Balloon Cars
Sunday 1:00pm Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan’s Reading List
Sunday 1:00pm I’ve Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?
Sunday 1:00pm Kamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories
Sunday 2:30pm Papercraft Workshop
Sunday 2:30pm Learn to Knit
Sunday 2:30pm Improv Theater Games For Kids
Sunday 4:00pm Mask Making
Sunday 4:00pm Fun With Card Games
Sunday 4:00pm Classic Playground Games
Sunday 5:30pm NERF Gun War
Monday 8:30am Geeky Play Date—Monday Morning
Monday 10:00am Quilting Basics
Monday 10:00am What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?
Monday 10:00am Children’s Filk Concert
Monday 10:00am Swords of Chivalry 3
Monday 11:30am Collectible Card Games

Film and Video

Friday 4:00pm A Boy And His Dog
Friday 6:00pm Robinson Crusoe on Mars
Friday 6:30pm High Treason
Friday 7:50pm Sneak Peeks
Friday 8:00pm The Critic
Friday 8:05pm Jupiter Ascending
Friday 8:30pm The Martian
Friday 10:35pm Silent Movie: Wings
Friday 11:00pm Liza The Fox Fairy
Saturday 12:45am The Final Girls
Saturday 2:15am The Machine
Saturday 3:40am Listening
Saturday 5:20am Atlas Shrugged Part 1
Saturday 6:55am A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Saturday 8:45am Antboy
Saturday 9:00am Three Days of the Condor
Saturday 10:00am Ant-Man
Saturday 11:00am The Invaders
Saturday 12:00pm Outer Limits: The Mutant
Saturday 12:00pm Sherlock Holmes
Saturday 1:00pm Get Smart
Saturday 1:30pm Koseidon (in Japanese)
Saturday 2:00pm Fail-Safe
Saturday 2:00pm The Man Who Saved The World
Saturday 3:50pm About Time
Saturday 4:30pm Jonny Quest: Werewolf of the Timberland
Saturday 5:00pm A Boy And His Dog
Saturday 6:00pm Secret of the Incas
Saturday 6:45pm Mad Max: Fury Road
Saturday 8:00pm Tomorrowland
Saturday 9:00pm K-Pax
Saturday 10:10pm The Lovers
Saturday 11:00pm Bad Film: They Saved Hitler’s Brain
Sunday 12:00am Call Girl Of Cthulhu
Sunday 1:40am Heartless
Sunday 3:25am Teeth
Sunday 5:00am Proxima
Sunday 6:55am Orlando
Sunday 8:30am Dinosaur Island
Sunday 9:00am Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Sunday 10:00am Prisoner of Zenda
Sunday 11:40am The Princess Bride
Sunday 1:00pm Fantastic Four
Sunday 1:20pm This Week in Brit TV
Sunday 1:30pm ST:TOS: Spock’s Brain
Sunday 2:30pm Night of the Comet
Sunday 4:15pm Quest
Sunday 5:00pm Classic Trailer Park
Sunday 6:00pm Britain’s Real Monarch
Sunday 6:30pm Jupiter Ascending (second showing)
Sunday 6:50pm Automata
Sunday 8:40pm Lupin the Third
Sunday 8:45pm K-Pax (second showing)
Sunday 10:55pm Predestination
Sunday 11:00pm Dirty Movie: Girls of the Night
Monday 12:30am The Sticky Fingers of Time
Monday 1:55am Bloodsucking Bastards
Monday 3:15am Only Lovers Left Alive
Monday 5:20am Forbidden Empire
Monday 7:10am The Snow Queen 2
Monday 8:30am Thunderbirds Are Go
Monday 9:00am Audience Choice Film
Monday 9:15am The Little Prince
Monday 11:05am Coming Attractions 2016


Friday 5:30pm 40 Years of Interactive Fiction
Friday 7:00pm Games and Representation
Friday 8:30pm Making a Video Game 101
Saturday 10:00am RPG Gaming: Rails vs. Sandbox
Saturday 11:30am Cards Against Humanity, Irony, and Privilege
Saturday 1:00pm Metroid and Samus at 30
Saturday 2:30pm Best. Video Game. EVER!!!
Saturday 4:00pm Video Games as Art
Saturday 5:30pm The Year in LARP
Saturday 7:00pm Does the Real World Belong in Games?
Saturday 8:30pm The Course of Sid Meier’s Civilization
Sunday 4:00pm Beyond Dice and Hit Points
Sunday 5:30pm Introduction to Megagames
Sunday 5:30pm Indie Games Growing Pains
Sunday 7:00pm Masculinity and Femininity: Gender in Gaming
Sunday 8:30pm Worldbuilding for Games
Monday 10:00am Mysteries in Games
Monday 11:30am Games to Gamers’ Hands: Kickstarter & Patreon

Gaming—Scheduled Games

Friday 5:30pm Game with the Designers: slash
Friday 5:30pm Groundhog Day (Rifts)
Friday 5:30pm Hanabi
Friday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: Sewer Dragons of Absalom
Friday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: Silent Tide
Friday 7:00pm Dungeons & Dragons 4.0
Friday 7:00pm D&D Adventurer’s League (5th Edition D&D)
Friday 7:00pm Battle Merchants
Friday 7:30pm LARP—Vampire (Mind’s Eye Society VTM:MET)
Friday 7:30pm LARP—Nexus Elements Session 1
Friday 8:00pm Drawful
Friday 8:30pm Play Games with the Designer: G.M.O.ooh!
Friday 8:30pm Firefly: Tall Card
Friday 8:30pm Viva La Revolution! (Paranoia—Mongoose)
Friday 8:30pm Tokaido
Friday 9:00pm Fibbage
Friday 10:00pm Chaosmos
Saturday 1:00am LARP—Immortal Politics
Saturday 8:30am LARP—Swords, Spells, and Puzzles! Oh My!
Saturday 10:00am Kingdom Builder
Saturday 10:00am Corruption of the Daleks (Doctor Who RPG)
Saturday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: Black Waters
Saturday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: Murder on the Silken Caravan
Saturday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: The Consortium Compact
Saturday 10:00am D&D Adventurer’s League: Harried in Hillsfar
Saturday 10:00am Dungeons & Dragons 4.0
Saturday 11:00am Traveller RPG
Saturday 11:30am Space 1889: Red Sands (Savage Worlds)
Saturday 12:00pm Rock Band 4 Freeplay
Saturday 1:00pm Rocket League 2v2 Tournament
Saturday 1:00pm Kingmaker (Avalon Hill 1st ed. w/House Rules)
Saturday 1:00pm Sealed Deck (Magic: the Gathering)
Saturday 1:00pm Lords of Waterdeep
Saturday 2:30pm My Little Pony (TOON)
Saturday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: School of Spirits
Saturday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: Between the Lines
Saturday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: The Confirmation
Saturday 3:00pm LARP—Kingdom Hearts: A Timeless Tale
Saturday 3:00pm Sails of Glory
Saturday 4:00pm Mario Kart 8
Saturday 4:00pm Race for the Galaxy
Saturday 5:30pm Firefly: Shiny Dice
Saturday 5:30pm Ogre Designer’s Edition
Saturday 5:30pm House of Madness (Hackmaster)
Saturday 7:00pm WWE 2K16 Extreme Rules Tournament
Saturday 7:00pm Booster Draft (Magic: the Gathering)
Saturday 7:00pm Cuckoo for Cthulhu (Call of Cthulhu)
Saturday 7:00pm Pathfinder: Forbidden Furnace of Forgotten Koor
Saturday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: The Penumbral Accords
Saturday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: True Dragons of Absalom
Saturday 7:30pm LARP—Nexus Elements Session 2
Saturday 9:00pm Drawful
Saturday 10:00pm LARP—FAROS: Minds of Madness
Saturday 10:00pm Play Games w/ the Designer: Mobile Frame Zero
Saturday 10:00pm Fibbage
Saturday 10:00pm Classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Saturday 10:00pm The Great Dalmuti
Saturday 11:30pm Game with the Designer: AEGIS Combining Robots
Sunday 12:00am LARP—Reunited (CHRONOS Ex Arcana)
Sunday 9:00am Indie Games Expo
Sunday 10:00am Shattered Reality (D&D 5th Edition, Modern)
Sunday 10:00am Band of Bothers: Jailbreak! (Heroes Unlimited)
Sunday 10:00am The Heart of the Mountain (D&D 3.5)
Sunday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: The Merchant’s Wake
Sunday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: Night March of Kalkamedes
Sunday 10:00am D&D Adventurer’s League: Harried in Hillsfar
Sunday 10:00am Tenchi Muyo
Sunday 11:30am Pandemic (with On the Brink)
Sunday 11:30am Press Your Farkle
Sunday 12:00pm Rock Band 4 Freeplay
Sunday 12:30pm Power Grid
Sunday 12:30pm LARP—Muppet Purgatory
Sunday 1:00pm Super Smash Bros Doubles Tournament
Sunday 1:00pm Magic: the Gathering (Limited)
Sunday 1:00pm Red Dragon Inn—Learn to Play
Sunday 2:30pm Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King
Sunday 2:30pm Forsaken on the Force (Werewolf the Forsaken)
Sunday 2:30pm Free Play Modern (Magic: the Gathering)
Sunday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: Day of the Demon
Sunday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: Frostfur Captives
Sunday 2:30pm Pathfinder Society: Tapestry’s Toil
Sunday 4:00pm Super Smash Bros Singles Tournament
Sunday 4:00pm Firefly, the Board Game
Sunday 5:00pm LARP—Mad Science Funding Council
Sunday 5:30pm Dungeonton Abbey (D&D 5E/Downton Abbey)
Sunday 7:00pm Games w/ Designers: Battleground Fantasy Warfare
Sunday 7:00pm Ultra Street Fighter IV Tournament
Sunday 7:00pm Hansa Teutonica
Sunday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: Valley of the Veiled Flame
Sunday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: The Cyphermage Dilemma
Sunday 7:00pm Pathfinder Society: True Dragons of Absalom
Sunday 8:00pm LARP—All Bets Are Off (Werewolf MET)
Sunday 9:00pm Fibbage
Sunday 9:30pm NERF Gun War: Young at Heart
Sunday 10:00pm Play Games w/ the Designer: Mobile Frame Zero
Sunday 10:00pm Drawful
Sunday 10:00pm Beautiful Senshi Hearts (Powered b/t Apocalypse)
Sunday 10:00pm Roll The Dice
Sunday 11:30pm Arkham Horror: A Night Of Mayhem
Sunday 11:30pm Roll The Dice
Monday 1:00am Roll The Dice
Monday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: The Overflow Archives
Monday 10:00am Pathfinder Society: True Dragons of Absalom
Monday 10:00am D&D Adventurer’s League (5th Edition D&D)
Monday 10:00am MoonQuake Escape
Monday 11:00am LARP—Nexus Elements Session 3
Monday 11:30am Istanbul
Monday 11:30am Red Dragon Inn—Tournament
Monday 11:30am Agricola
Monday 12:00pm Drawful

Guests of Honor

Friday 7:00pm Introduction to Arisia
Saturday 10:00am AGoH Demo: Wood Turning (Making Rockets)
Saturday 11:30am AGoH Demo: Intro to Multi-Center/Axis Turning
Saturday 1:00pm Pablo Wants to do a Thing
Saturday 4:00pm John Scalzi Reading
Sunday 4:00pm AGoH Demo: Decorating Surfaces
Sunday 4:00pm John Scalzi Book Signing


Friday 5:30pm Thrown with Great Force:Classics We Won’t Finish
Friday 7:00pm Genre Fiction in Translation
Friday 7:00pm How Lord of the Rings Stunted Fantasy’s Growth
Friday 8:30pm The Future of Mars
Friday 10:00pm Wait, That’s Not in the Sci-Fi Section!
Saturday 10:00am The Founding Mothers of SF/F
Saturday 10:00am How to Write a Fight Scene
Saturday 11:30am Nonstandard Paths to Magic
Saturday 1:00pm Cinematic Writing and SF/F
Saturday 1:00pm Shifting the Language of SF
Saturday 2:30pm Lovecraftian Intimacy: Body Horror & Mind Melds
Saturday 4:00pm Genderfluidity and Queerness in Genre
Saturday 5:30pm Cultural Assumptions in SF/F
Saturday 7:00pm Welcome to the Underworld
Saturday 7:00pm The Ridiculous SF Premise
Saturday 8:30pm The Drowning World
Saturday 10:00pm Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos & Nebulas
Sunday 10:00am Headcanon and SF/F
Sunday 11:30am The Bible as Fantasy Literature
Sunday 2:30pm Themes of Afrofuturism in SF
Sunday 2:30pm In Which the Author Has Run Out of F!?ks to Give
Sunday 4:00pm Pratchett and His Death
Sunday 5:30pm Lesser Known Tropes v. Women in SF/F
Sunday 7:00pm Surviving Manliness: Detoxifying Masculinity
Sunday 8:30pm The Future of Disability in Literature
Monday 10:00am Read All the Things!
Monday 11:30am Speculative Poetry is Awesome
Monday 1:00pm NESFA Reading Circle
Monday 1:00pm The End of All Things: Sociology and Eschatology
Monday 2:30pm The Story Within the Story


Friday 5:30pm Supergirl!
Friday 5:30pm Guilty Pleasures: The Fast And The Furious
Friday 5:45pm Film Room Backstage Tour
Friday 7:00pm I Live, I Die, I Live Again! Mad Max: Fury Road
Friday 8:30pm Halt And Catch Fire
Saturday 10:00am Movie Year in Review
Saturday 11:30am That’s How You Get Ants: The Archer Panel
Saturday 11:30am Star Trek at 50!
Saturday 2:30pm TV Year in Review—Sci-Fi & Superhero Edition
Saturday 2:30pm Arisia Fixes Hollywood
Saturday 4:00pm TV Year in Review—Fantasy & Horror Edition
Saturday 5:30pm The Walking Dead: Now With Twice As Many Undead
Saturday 7:00pm The Impossible Girl: Clara’s Run as Companion
Saturday 8:30pm Jurassic World: The Dinosaurs are Back!
Sunday 10:00am The DC TV Universe: Flash, Arrow, and Beyond!
Sunday 11:30am Steven Universe: We’ll Always Find a Way
Sunday 1:00pm Marvel Cinematic and TV Universe, 2016 Edition
Sunday 1:00pm Arisia Curmudgeon Panel 2: Curmudgeon Harder!
Sunday 2:30pm Doctor Who: State of the Doctor 2016
Sunday 2:30pm Holy Golden Anniversary, Batman! 50 Campy Years
Sunday 4:00pm Beauty and the Beast at 25
Sunday 5:30pm Star Wars: It’s Back!
Sunday 7:00pm Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Sunday 8:30pm The Hunger Games
Sunday 8:30pm Black Chick Watching
Sunday 10:00pm Arisia Remembers David Bowie
Monday 10:00am C’mon Grab Your Friends: An Adventure Time Panel
Monday 10:00am Inside Out: Pixar Gets Smart
Monday 11:30am Terminator: Is There any Hope for Salvation?
Monday 1:00pm Game Of Thrones: Emmy-Winning Fantasy!
Monday 1:00pm Gravity Falls


Friday 5:30pm Arisia First Night Social
Friday 7:00pm ConBuddy Connection
Saturday 10:00pm Kaleidoscope Gathering: PoC Social & Safe Space
Sunday 12:00am Midnight Maker Crafting Social
Sunday 10:00am Story Corner
Sunday 10:00am The Parent Trap
Sunday 10:00am Indie Tabletop/RPG/LARP
Sunday 11:00am Queer Gamers
Sunday 11:30am First Formation Military Muster
Sunday 1:00pm Indie Game Designers and Developers
Sunday 2:00pm Women Programmers in Game Development
Sunday 7:00pm Star Wars Meetup: Spoilers Allowed
Monday 1:00pm Mosaic MeetUp: PoC & Allies Gathering
Monday 2:30pm F.A.B.R.I.C Meet-up


Friday 6:00pm Showcase Concert
Friday 8:30pm Funny Songs [sing-along]
Friday 10:00pm Open Singing [song circle]
Friday 11:30pm Singing into the Night [song circle]
Saturday 10:00am Rousing Chorus Songs [song circle]
Saturday 11:30am Singing in the Pool [song circle]
Saturday 11:30am The Centered Breath [workshop]
Saturday 1:00pm Intro to Filk [sing-along]
Saturday 2:30pm Traditional Ballad Bingo [song circle]
Saturday 4:00pm Rounds & Other Voice Braidings [sing-along]
Saturday 5:30pm Open Mic [concert]
Saturday 7:00pm Beginning Voice [workshop]
Saturday 8:30pm Bawdy Songs [song circle]
Saturday 10:00pm Open Singing [song circle]
Saturday 11:30pm Singing into the Night [song circle]
Sunday 10:00am Gospel Sing [song circle]
Sunday 11:30am The Shallow End [song circle]
Sunday 1:00pm Best of Filk: Old and New [sing-along]
Sunday 2:30pm Chantey Sing [song circle]
Sunday 4:00pm Songs of Drink [song circle]
Sunday 5:30pm Doom, Gloom, and Despondency [competition]
Sunday 7:00pm The Strong Sound [workshop]
Sunday 8:30pm Open Singing [song circle]
Sunday 10:00pm Open Singing [song circle]
Sunday 11:30pm Singing into the Night [song circle]
Monday 11:30am Songs of Science [song circle]
Monday 1:00pm Music Track Debrief
Monday 2:30pm Dead Dog Open Filk [song circle]


Friday 4:00pm A Special Hour with Ken Liu
Friday 7:00pm Strange Horizons Reading
Friday 10:00pm Nonfiction Reading
Friday 11:30pm Circlet Press Reading
Saturday 10:00am Fantasy Reading
Sunday 10:00am Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Sunday 10:00pm Fan Fic Reading
Monday 10:00am Science Fiction Reading
Monday 1:00pm Fantasy Reading


Friday 7:00pm Why Human Spaceflight?
Friday 8:30pm Year Without a Summer: 200 Years Ago to Today
Saturday 10:00am Artificial Intelligence—Science Fact & Fiction
Saturday 1:00pm Popular Logical Fallacies
Saturday 4:00pm How To Do Cryptography
Saturday 5:30pm Psychology: What Do We Actually Know?
Saturday 7:00pm The Challenger Disaster: 30 Years Ago
Saturday 8:30pm What is Big Data Really?
Sunday 11:30am NASA Documentary Films
Sunday 11:30am The Technology of Star Trek
Sunday 1:00pm The Year in Bad Science!
Sunday 2:30pm Science Year in Review
Sunday 8:30pm How We Learn


Saturday 10:00am Masquerade Rehearsal
Sunday 2:00pm Masquerade Rehearsal
Sunday 7:00pm Masquerade Doors Open
Sunday 8:00pm Masquerade

Trackless events

Friday 5:00pm Bouncy Castle
Friday 6:30pm Gaslamp Assault of Arms
Friday 8:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play
Friday 8:00pm Contra Dance
Friday 8:30pm Lightsaber Combat of the Sword Masters
Friday 9:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Friday 10:00pm Ship it Like FedExxx
Friday 10:00pm Drum Circle
Friday 10:30pm Bluesy Fusion Dance
Friday 11:30pm Crackup: Comics & Comics @ The Con
Saturday 12:00am Rocky Horror: 40 Years of Antici...pation
Saturday 8:00am Bouncy Castle
Saturday 9:00am Queer and Body Positive Yoga
Saturday 11:00am Salem Zouaves: Civil War Musket & Bayonet Drill
Saturday 11:30am Salem Zouaves: Civil War Swords & Sabers
Saturday 12:00pm Family Friendly Renaissance Dance
Saturday 1:45pm Unholy Masquerade, a Cheesy Vampire Ball
Saturday 2:00pm The Princess Bride
Saturday 4:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play
Saturday 4:00pm En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo
Saturday 5:00pm SCA Renaissance Dance
Saturday 6:30pm Geeky Bellydance Show
Saturday 6:30pm Walk the Labyrinth
Saturday 7:00pm Stranger Ways and Murder Ballads
Saturday 9:00pm Game of Thrones Gets Everything Wrong
Saturday 10:00pm Ship it Like FedExxx
Saturday 10:00pm PMRP Presents Gender-Swapped “Journey to Babel”
Saturday 11:00pm Harry Potter Wand Dueling Workshop
Saturday 11:00pm Valhalla Club Dance
Sunday 12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
Sunday 1:00am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling
Sunday 9:00am Hung Over Yoga
Sunday 10:00am Martial Arts of “A Game of Thrones”
Sunday 11:30am Walk the Labyrinth
Sunday 12:00pm Swordswomen Through the Ages
Sunday 12:30pm The Cutting Truth of the Sword
Sunday 1:00pm Vivat Regina: Mrs. Hawking Part Two
Sunday 4:00pm Bouncy Castle
Sunday 4:00pm Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dance
Sunday 7:00pm Swing Dance
Sunday 9:00pm Techno-Contra Dance
Sunday 11:30pm A Timey-Wimey Dance
Monday 9:00am Queer and Body Positive Yoga
Monday 10:00am Bouncy Castle
Monday 10:00am Fighting with Swords!
Monday 11:30am Teen Sword Fighting


Friday 8:30pm Playing in Other People’s Sandboxes
Saturday 10:00am Constructing Languages
Saturday 4:00pm Co-ops: Writers & Artists Unite for (Non) Profit
Saturday 4:00pm My Friend Wrote a Book, Do I Have to Buy It?
Saturday 5:30pm Writing For Performance
Saturday 7:00pm Character Interactions
Sunday 11:30am Complexities of Voice
Sunday 4:00pm Self-Publishing 101: Fiction, Non-Fiction & RPGs
Sunday 4:00pm Everything I Say is a Lie
Sunday 4:00pm Writing and Racial Identity
Sunday 5:30pm Worldbuilding with the Soft Sciences
Sunday 7:00pm Pulling the Emotional Strings
Monday 11:30am Humor in Writing
Monday 2:30pm Don’t Quit Your Day Job
Monday 2:30pm Science Fiction Reading