Arisia 2016 Schedule, Featured Panels and Events

Arisia 2016 Featured Panels & Events

Arisia 2016 Featured Panels & Events

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5:00pm Bouncy Castle - Grand A (1W)
6:00pm Showcase Concert - Grand CD (1W)
7:00pm Introduction to Arisia - Alcott (3W)
8:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play - Grand B (1W)
9:30pm Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes - Grand CD (1W)
10:35pm Silent Movie: Wings - Otis (2W)
11:30pm Crackup: Comics & Comics @ The Con - Grand CD (1W)
12:00am Rocky Horror: 40 Years of Antici...pation - Grand B (1W)


8:00am Bouncy Castle - Grand CD (1W)
10:00am AGoH Demo: Wood Turning (Making Rockets) - Faneuil (3W)
11:30am Convention Feedback Saturday Session - Alcott (3W)
11:30am AGoH Demo: Intro to Multi-Center/Axis Turning - Faneuil (3W)
1:00pm Pablo Wants to do a Thing - Adams (3W)
2:00pm The Princess Bride - Grand CD (1W)
4:00pm Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play - Grand AB (1W)
4:00pm John Scalzi Reading - Grand CD (1W)
6:30pm Geeky Bellydance Show - Grand AB (1W)
7:00pm Stranger Ways and Murder Ballads - Grand CD (1W)
10:00pm PMRP Presents Gender-Swapped “Journey to Babel” - Grand AB (1W)
12:00am Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog - Grand AB (1W)
1:00am Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling - Grand AB (1W)


9:00am Indie Games Expo - Grand A (1W)
12:30pm LARP—Muppet Purgatory - Grand CD (1W)
1:00pm Arisia Lightning Talks - Burroughs (3E)
1:00pm Vivat Regina: Mrs. Hawking Part Two - Grand B (1W)
2:30pm Arisia Corporate Meeting - Douglas (3W)
4:00pm AGoH Demo: Decorating Surfaces - Douglas (3W)
4:00pm John Scalzi Book Signing - Grand Prefunction (1W)
4:00pm Bouncy Castle - Grand A (1W)
8:00pm Masquerade - Grand AB (1W)


10:00am Bouncy Castle - Grand A (1W)
2:30pm Convention Feedback Monday Session - Burroughs (3E)