The Realms

Swords, spells, and puzzles! Oh my!
Hosted by: The Realms - Dan Diamond
Boffer Style LARP using The Realms rules

Realms LARP: The citadel of a powerful mage lies abandoned, and the magic is leaking out and wreaking havoc on the countryside. Adventurers are needed to investigate the ruins, learn about the magic, and restore order. There are rumors that great rewards still lie within the citadel, but use caution. No doubt the mage worked hard to protect his wealth.

No age limit, but minors will need to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver. One needs to be able to handle lightest touch simulated combat, instruction provided. Boffer weapons provided, but people are encouraged to bring their own as long as the weapons pass inspection to Realms standards. No weapons over 5 feet or bows.

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