FAROS: 7 Deadly Synths

Hosted By: LarpAdventure Program - Eric Love
Sci-Fi NERF and Boffer Combat Style LARP in conjunction with Nordic Style LARP game using the L.A.P.'s FAROS Roleplaying System
This is an 18+ Event

Deep space travel and extended life come with a price. Most of the home planet was destroyed by radiation storms. Resources are scarce. Material, information, and data exchange control the worlds known to man and his new off-planet associates. Seaforge, Avalon, and KrotoTech play on the chessboard of a multiple-star-systems industry with planets as pawns. Your adventure starts on Rimor 1, where you are being trained for deep space research, exploration, and adventure on off-world planets.

All participants are encouraged to bring their own gear as loaners are limited:

  • NERF guns, ideally painted for immersion. Some for sale at Art Show.
  • Boffers, all major brands are approved, homemade boffers are case-by-case. Many for sale at Ayla's Armory.
  • Costuming, preferably in a cyberpunk dystopian style.
  • Props, excellent props are rewarded in-game.
  • If you would like to reserve your spot in this LARP, please sign up here.