Nexus Elements

Hosted by: Nexus Elements Fantasy Gaming - Dori Schendell
Boffer Style LARP using the Nexus Fantasy Gaming rules

Lord Baron Rylan Shin of Ashling announce his engagement to His Lady Astra Carthairen of Ashling. The holy rites will take place in the Lord’s private temple at the his, newly acquired manor house. The celebration of their great union will take place on the island of Ashling in the grand town of Yestin. All who reside within the Lord’s territory are welcome to pay homage to this the couple at this time. Join the gods in blessing with union of great houses and nations.

Please bring your own boffers/latex weapons if possible. While Nexus Elements has some weapons to loan, they are few in between.

If you would like to reserve your spot in this LARP, please signup here.