Music, Dance, & Theater

There are many dances and dance lessons, live concerts, and theater performances at ARISIA, and also lots of participatory music sessions (mostly song circles, sing-alongs, and workshops). For a review of last year's offerings, see the 2015 site.

We'll have two costumed dances.

Unholy Masquerade, a Cheesy Vampire Ball - 1:45pm Saturday for 2hr - Commonwealth (1W)
Calling all vampires and werewolves (but not swearwolves) to the best ball at Arisia. Sparkly or non-sparkly, emo or fun-loving, all vampires and their friends are welcome. Dancing will consist of easy and fun historical contradances, waltzes, polkas and gallops.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Dance - 4:00pm Sunday for 2hr - Commonwealth (1W)
Join us for a fun afternoon of dancing. We’ll teach easy country dances and waltzes from the time of Jane Austen and perhaps time travel for some “Thriller” moves. Whether you are a Regency dandy or a Regency zombie, you’ll have a great time. Note that passes may be available to a showing of the new Pride & Prejudice and Zombies movie later in the week!

Also, we'll have

The Post-Meridian Radio Players present Gender-Swapped Star Trek: “Journey to Babel”! - 10:00pm Saturday for 1hr - Grand AB (1W)
The Enterprise finds itself host to a number of bickering diplomats—including Spock’s parents. When an alien dignitary is murdered, the prime suspect is Spock’s mother! The crew must unravel the mystery as an unidentified vessel attacks.
Mrs. Hawking: A Steampunk Play 1hr 30min Fri 8:00 PM and Sat 4:00 PM Grand Ballroom B
A steampunk play by Phoebe Roberts. London, 1880—When Mary Stone accepts a job as housemaid to a fierce, brooding society widow, she is drawn into Mrs. Hawking’s heroic crusade as secret champion to society’s downtrodden ladies. Join us for this Victorian action caper, and explore what would happen if Sherlock Holmes were more like a lady Batman. More information at
Vivat Regina: Mrs. Hawking Part Two 1hr 30min Sun 1:00 PM Grand Ballroom B
Premier of a sequel to Mrs. Hawking, by Phoebe Roberts. London, 1881—The continuing story of the lady’s champion of London! Mrs. Hawking is stern in training her new assistant, housemaid Mary Stone, in the art of society avenging. But when a mysterious lady under a false name brings them an impossible mission, our heroines must join all their varied strengths together to see justice done. The sequel requires no knowledge of the previous play. More information at