Special Request Form Requirements

You need to make a special request if:
  • you need a handicapped accessible room Deadline of Dec 5
  • you need a roll-away cot or a crib Deadline of Dec 5
  • you want connecting rooms (you need to reserve both a king and a double) Deadline of Dec 5
  • you want to be put in the family block or the low floor/ shabbat block Deadline of Jan 9
  • you want to make another special request about where your room is located or be placed close to someone on a different reservation Deadline of Jan 9
  • you need to modify your reservation in any way Deadline of Jan 9
  • you are asking to be on the wait list

Special Request Form

All connecting rooms in the hotel connect from a King room to a Double room via a door in a shared wall. You cannot get two Doubles or two Kings that connect. To request a pair of connecting rooms, please make reservations for both a King room and a Double room (both rooms must be in the same block, active or quiet), then fill out the Special Request Form including confirmation numbers for both rooms. Connecting rooms requests are subject to availability, and the deadline for requests is November 30th.