Art Show Catalog

Abrihette Dawn and Oliver Albright Ashley Almeida
Olga Andreyeva

A series of digital illustrations of flooded urban landscapes
Julia Austein Keith Barkhau
Classical and modern wood creations
E. J. Barnes

Horror authors as their characters
Alan F. Beck

Baby dragons, kittens, and classical mice oh my
Bishonen Judge
Marie Byrne Kristina Carroll

Imaginative Realism with a figurative focus.
Victoria Chapman

Flowing, spiritual, and nature-oriented watercolors
Rachel Chasteen Alan M. Clark

Surreal, unsettling, and mysterious illustrations
Sarah Clemens
LJ Cohen

Imaginative functional ceramics
Daniel Cortopassi Dene V. Crystal

Harry Potter inspired jewelry and miniatures.
Laurel Cunningham-Hill

Capsulariums - Jewelry + art made from tiny bones
Cyd Charlene Taylor D'Alessio
Bob Eggleton Wendy Ellertson

Fantastic sculptures to encourage story

Fine art clashing with pop art content
Sara Felix

brightly colored resin jewelry
Meg Frank Emily Garfield
Mike Greenberg

Space Age Digital Art
Liana Hertel
Lisa Hertel

clay, watercolors, pen and ink
All*n Holt Jennifer Husmo Jeliza

Space inspired art & jewelry
Catelyn Johnson Ryan Klemek

Strange and a bit racy digital paintings
Johnna Klukas
LARP Adventure Program Scott Lefton Talia Lefton
Lemaris Designs

Fandom, fantasy, and morbid charm, in acrylics and ink.
Justin Lewis
Hand inked and digitally colored strange figures
Julia Burns Liberman

abstract watercolor cityscapes

the art of the fantastic - fantasy, phantasmagoric.
Mantis Max Martelli

Horror / Fantasy Paintings and Drawings
Theresa Mather

Paintings of diverse fanciful creatures!
Mike Maung

Surrealistic fantasy landscapes in oils
Sally Mayer
Veronica McNulty Hannah Merchant

Fun, colorful illustration & commissions
Christine Mitzuk
A blend of fantasy and realism ranging from dramatic to whimsical
Heather M Morris

pop culture portrait paintings
Sarah "Tashari" Morrison
Lee Moyer

42 Characters
Thomas Nackid Ben Newman Arden Ellen Nixon

Painting the beauty in the dark
nuclear pomegranate

wearable handcrafted oddities and quirky jewellery
Anne E.G. Nydam

eclectic spiritual native punk fandom
David Lee Pancake pecan

Paintings of Toys in SPAAAaaace!
Marianne Plumridge
Mark Roland
Imaginary worlds in etchings and acrylic paintings
Kimball M. Rudeen

Items re-engineered in a Steampunk theme
Amy Russell

weird and fanciful acrylic paintings
Carol Salemi

Collaged Steampunk jewelry and accessories
Sandra SanTara

Visionary, tribal, fantasy, and wildlife art

stippled illustrations
Diane E Seiler Donna Shapleigh

eclectic, rustic elegance to fine art
Maurice Spaulding
Andrew Sprague

Illustration in mixed media & solar paper
Jess Steytler Kendra Tornheim

wire-wrapped antique key jewelry
Joan Turner Andy Volpe

Historically inspired Drawings and Prints

graphite, colored and charcoal pencil portraits
Raelinda Woad

Magical miniature books